Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nadine Rohner

Mar 2, 2018 | Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight focuses on amazing ladies who are rocking their online businesses.

This week we have the lovely, location-independent, social media strategist, Nadine Rohner.

Hi Nadine, What’s your business name and what’s your business all about?

My business is Nadine Rohner. I help small businesses and female entrepreneurs to rock their Social Media.

I also have a travel blog Blonde Seashell where I mostly blog about Bali because I am based in Bali.


What was your “Big Why” that drove you to start your business?

I’ve been working in Social Media for over six years, but always for bigger companies. Since I was living in Bali and growing my own Social Media and travel blog pretty fast, I got asked by a few smaller businesses if I would help them with their Social Media. That’s why I came up with the idea to start my own business.


What lights you up about your business? 

What I love about my business is the mix of Social Media and helping others. When I see a client being successful on Social Media after working with me – that just makes me happy. I love to research and find new ways to be successful on Social Media. What I love the most is to share my knowledge with others.


What do you get to do in your business that was not possible in your 9-5? 

Now I can decide where and when I want to work. I can work from everywhere in the world as long as I have a computer and good WIFI. If there are days when I don’t feel motivated to work, so instead of dragging myself into an office, I go to a yoga class instead. Then the next day I work double. I don’t have to sit in front of my computer all day. I work when I feel inspired.

What daily habits do you without fail, that make a positive impact on your business day?

I love having a fresh coconut at the beach. This is a habit I can allow myself every day because I can take my work with me to the beach – if I want to. I don’t have a daily habit really. The most important thing for me is to have the freedom to choose what I want to do every day. I really love my work and every morning I get up and want to work. So my new habit is doing the work I love to do, something I never felt before when I was working in corporate.


Would you say you’re living the “freedom lifestyle” and how does it look and feel to you?

Yes, I am definitely live the freedom lifestyle. Of course there are deadlines with clients – and if I didn’t do their work I also wouldn’t get paid! But, no one tells me when and where I have to work. If I want to do my work sitting on the floor in my pyjamas, with my coffee – then I just do it. The results are much more creative than when I was working in a boring office.


Where do you see your business in two years’ time?

In two years I see my business being much more successful. I want to run a membership club in a year, so I can help even more people. I want my business to be settled and to work with different people from all over the world (as a VA ), so that I can start my own family.


What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give to a woman who’s considering starting a business, or who’s finding the initial set up of her business longer or a little trickier than expected, what would it be?

The advice I give myself everyday: Don’t give up just because it is hard sometimes.

I always think about Walt Disney who go rejected so many times, before he was successful. If it was super easy, everyone would do it. So get up every day and try again.


What’s your favourite motivational phrase/quote/mantra?

I don’t have a mantra, but when I am not motivated or scared I just listen to my favourite podcasts or read my favourite book, and then I am in the right mindset again. I love Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Forleo’s podcast. Powerful women inspire me to be powerful myself.


Where can we see more about you and your delightful offerings? 

You can find out everything about my services on website

Check out my Social Media Rockstar course. On this course you’ll learn how create a social media strategy, and how to create, plan and design content, with tips and tricks to grow your business on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. PLUS there is an extra module on Facebook Ads! This course is easy to follow and action-focused with videos, workbook and checklist!

And my travel advice for Bali on my blog.

My daily pictures I share on Instagram and my tricks for social on Pinterest. 

It was wonderful hearing about you and your business on the Entrepreneur Spotlight, Nadine. Thank you for sharing with us, and my very best wishes to you for the future, Sharon xox

Note: This post contains an affiliate link, which means I may earn a commission if you decide to join Nadine’s social media rockstar program at some point.

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