How to Create a Business that’s Sustainable

Feb 22, 2022 | Blog

Everyone has heard an “overnight success” story, like someone who started a business and, within a few months, they had a $100,000 launch and were on their way to making a million dollars in their first year in business.

(cue imposter syndrome, mental chatter, old stories to unpack, and a side order of the green-eyed monster).


Why Slow & Steady Is A Better Option

To be clear: this is not what happens to most business owners. 

These business owners are the outliers.

Most people have to work on their business for many years before they experience that level of success.

With a slow and steady pace, you can build your business for the long haul. 

Many “overnighters” go out of business because they lack the necessary foundations and knowledge gained from building over time, struggle to create the same results again, and burn out.


Create Evergreen Products

One of the best ways to build a sustainable business is to create evergreen products. 

While it’s okay to create products and services inspired by trending topics every so often, it’s important to remember you won’t be able to keep selling those products when the phase passes, and you’ll be back on the product creation hamster wheel.

If you create evergreen products to be sold over and over again, you’ll maximize your profits, stabilize your energy, and create a firm foundation.

Be Consistent

The best way to create a sustainable business is to be consistent. 

This is the best thing you can do for your business, by far.

Be consistent with creating content, growing your list, sending an email to your list, and making offers. 

When you do all of those things regularly, your business will continue to grow, as will your income.



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