How to Connect With Your Motivation Muse

Jan 31, 2022 | Blog

There are going to be times in life when you find yourself in a business slump.

You may not feel very motivated to work on your business, or you just don’t feel like you have any creative ideas.

I have been there, you have been there – it’s normal, human, and it’s ok!

But, to move through and re-spark some ideas and creativity, it’s useful to have some tools at your disposal.

Here are some ideas to help you get inspired, motivated, and on the way to re-finding your spark.


Clear The Mental Clutter, Create Some Space

Take out a notebook and write out all the stuff you’ve been thinking about. 

Write out all the tasks you keep thinking about, write out any ideas you have, write out what you are trying to remember to buy from the grocery store when you run errands later in the day… Everything!

It won’t take as long as you think, and the result is immediate and impactful.

When you clear the mental clutter, you are getting rid of all the mental clutter and freeing up white space. 

This will give your mind room to think up new ideas, and to allow them to drop in.


Read A Novel

If you have been reading mostly non-fiction business books since starting your business, it may be time to pick up a novel! 

When you read a novel, you can step inside someone else’s world, someone else’s life, someone else’s story.

Sometimes that’s exactly what you need to get inspiration for your own life.

It might be a character that sparks something in you, a detail of the scenery, setting, or storyline.

Fiction is magical, and we need more magic in our lives to stay creative!

Watch A TED Talk

You can find lots of TED Talks to watch on YouTube. 

These are short “talks” – aka presentations, by people who have inspiring and innovative ideas. 

You can find TED Talks on a variety of topics; you don’t have to watch one from someone that’s in your industry – watching any of them can still leave you feeling inspired!

I challenge you to choose something that you wouldn’t normally watch and see where it takes you.

An idea may not drop in immediately, but the more we layer in different sources of knowledge, the more our amazing brains have to get creative with.

Listen To A Podcast Interview

There are so many podcasts out there, and they are a plethora of inspiration! 

A podcast like “How I Built This” may inspire you. It features interviews with successful entrepreneurs who discuss their early business days before they were successful.

Listening to how they overcame objections, mastered their fields and kept pursuing their dreams can be a brilliant way to help motivate and inspire you!

Again, go outside of your normal field and topic to find a new source of magic and to stir up some creativity.


Read A Blog

Reading a creative blog can help you find inspiration for your own life.

For example, if you are trying to figure out colours for your website, take a look at some home design blogs. 

Take notice of the white space, the patterns in the room, the shapes of the furniture, how the room is laid out and, of course, how all the colour palettes work together.

This can give you lots of inspiration for your website design, your social media aesthetic, and so much more.

Take a Scroll over to Instagram

Instagram can be a wealth of inspiration. 

From meal ideas to fashion trends, crafts and more (ok, and the pet reels, you got me!), Instagram is like candy for your eyes and a dreamland for your brain.

But – less is more. So, set aside intentional time to find creative inspiration and log your ideas.

You can take screenshots, make notes, jot down ideas, sketch out what comes to mind – find a way that works for you, and see what ideas you can spark!

How do you like to find inspiration?

Let me know if you try these ideas and where they take you!

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