How To Unlock Your Creativity

Feb 9, 2022 | Blog

Are you finding yourself stuck creatively?

You’re SO not alone. 

It happens to everyone at some point.

The good news is that you can get unstuck and get your creative juices flowing with some quick and easy tools to shift your brain and energy.

Here are a few ideas to help:


The Mindless Task Tip

When you work on a mindless task, your mind is free to wander.  

Often this can lead to a creative idea. 

That’s why people get so many ideas while they’re in the shower or out walking the dog.

Try working on a “mindless task,” like scrubbing the bath, hoovering, doing the dishes, or gardening. 

You never know what ideas may pop up, AND those jobs get done!

It’s a win/win situation.


The Active Tip

Physical activity can help you in many ways; obviously, it can help your health, but it can also help your creativity. 

A little like the “mindless task” idea, your brain is free to wander while doing exercise. 

Try going for a walk, riding your bike, digging out your yoga mat, or popping to the gym, to see if it helps you get some creative ideas.


The “Change Your Environment” Quickstart

Changing your environment can fuel your creativity.

It can be as easy as sitting in a different spot to work. For example, if you mainly work in your home office, try working in the kitchen or outside in the garden.

If you feel more ambitious, you can move around the furniture in your office. Changing the direction your desk faces can lead to a creative spark and inspiration when you sit at your desk and check out your “new view”.

Another way is to leave your everyday environment altogether. If you usually work from home, try working from the library or coffee shop to switch up your perspective.


Get Creative In Another Medium

If you are feeling stuck creatively, get creative in another medium. 

For example, if you want to write a blog post, but can’t think what to write about, try doing another creative task, such as working on a craft, painting, or even colouring.

All of these will help you develop your creative muscles and get back on track with your creative projects.


Listen To A Podcast

Try listening to a podcast to re-discover a spark.

There are many business podcasts out there, like the show “How They Built It,” that feature the stories of entrepreneurs. 

Listening to how they built their businesses may help spark creativity in your own.

You can also try listening to a non-business podcast or one outside your niche. It’s amazing how this can help to trigger fresh ideas.


Set A Timer & Just Do It

If you’re still not feeling creative, focus on getting your priority tasks done. 

Set a timer and work on what must get done for 15 or 30 minutes. 

You may find that getting started is the hardest and that once you’re working on the task, your creative juices start flowing. 

For example, if you want to write blog posts, start writing. Even if you’re not sure of the direction of your blog post, keep writing. 

If your sentences make no sense, keep writing for 15-30 minutes. By the end of that time, you may have so much creativity flowing that you keep writing more. 

Which of these might you try? 

Let me know if these work for you and how they help you get your creativity back.



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