Hey Lovely!

I’m Sharon, Business + Brand Strategist

on a mission to help you create (or recreate) a business and brand that reflects you, lights up your soul, and gives you the time, money, and freedom you desire to do all the things you love.


I am your Business Magician

with a penchant for using my imagination, knowledge, and intuition, to help you turn your brand into one which reflects you, and lights up your soul.

My boho spirit, which loves languages, adventure and culture, took me to Mallorca

where I lived for many years +
where I felt my natural, true self.
I loved it all.
The fresh Mediterranean food.
The sun on my face.
The secluded sandy coves and transparent sea.
The Spanish words rolling off my tongue.
While I was there, I ran a busy resort office, managed a car-hire office, and organised corporate events.
And in my time off…
we’d explore the island, go off the beaten track to a secluded beach, or hang out in Palma or a village in the mountains.

I tried to live my life with the locals, and make the most of the wonderful culture, food, and people.

Family reasons returned me to the UK, where i became a Project Manager

where I became a Project Manager.

with a six-figure income, in charge of multi-million-pound budgets.

It felt like I’d hit the jackpot.

However, resentment started to cloud everything.

The long hours, the pressure, the dissatisfaction of working for someone else.

I craved more time and freedom.

The creative soul in me was crying out to be heard.

I knew she needed to be given a voice

– I just didn’t know how.

I started searching, but my fear of making the wrong decision led to the best example of procrastination you’ve ever seen. I worked even longer hours, which stifled the creative voice within me and gave me all the excuses to delay, delay, delay chasing my dreams

After years of going round in circles, I reached the point of enough – and hired a coach.

And that’s when everything started to change. My coach helped me put my life in context, see what I was putting on hold (for no good reason), and create a plan to achieve what I deep-down knew I wanted… but never did anything about.

Before I knew it, I had a Distinction in Creative Writing from the Open University, and taken up acting and singing again (hello, bohemian soul!).

The incredible experience working with my coach – and an epiphany at her yoga retreat in Ibiza – inspired me to retrain as a coach myself!

I then wound down my work as a Project Manager, and launched two thriving businesses within 18 months – an Etsy business and coaching company.


Creative Writing






Flamenco Singing


The voice of my true nature was ignited,

so I listened to it even further…

As a serial entrepreneur, who left the world of suits and stress behind her (thank goodness), coaching came naturally to me.

For several years, free-thinking, creative souls, like myself – have hired me to help them start and grow their own freedom business.

Now, I use my wisdom to inspire women to reimagine and reinvent their brand identity, to align with who they truly are.

Why? Because far too many women deprive the world of their true brand magic, because they are not sure what it is, or how to articulate it with absolute conviction and confidence.

Some reach a certain level of success, and then plateau, because they have not set themselves apart from their competition.

I firmly believe, the business and lifestyle of your dreams is within reach, when you steer clear of the copy-cat culture, discover your own unique essence, and create a concept around it that’s un-mistakably YOU.

One of the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of my work is helping a woman get to her next level, by expressing a new, but truer version of herself and her brand to the world.

But here’s the secret.

To get to this point myself, I first had to identify the magic that was inside of me.

I had to fully adopt my role as the soulful, intuitive, brand alchemist, I knew I was.

This meant seeking support, collaborating, and experimenting with my voice, knowledge, and the characteristics and facets of myself and my story, to reimagine, rediscover, and reinvent, and set it all free – for wild-hearted women like you.

You can get to this point, too.

You can create the brand you want to have – right now.

And I’m here to show you how.

So, if you want permission to reinvent your brand, and to take it to


with renewed energy, purpose, and passion

you just got it.