Hey, Creative Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Writers!

Are you ready to grow or scale your business and/or embrace the writer’s life for your storytelling adventure?


Let me introduce myself.

I’m Sharon, 


I’m here to guide you with crafting compelling offers and messaging, while empowering writers to embrace the writer’s life, and nurture a consistent writing practice.

Business doesn’t have to be a puzzle to solve; it can be an adventure. I believe in exploring creative and innovative approaches, that infuse joy and creativity into your entrepreneurial journey.

Whether you’re here to refine your brand’s message or craft captivating fictional worlds, our creative voyage is where business and storytelling intertwine in extraordinary ways.

My boho spirit, which loves languages, adventure and culture, took me to the island of Mallorca.

During the four years I lived there, I enjoyed administering a busy resort office, organising corporate events, managing a car hire office, and teaching English as a foreign language. But it was the intimate connection with the island, its people, and its stories that truly ignited my spirit.

On my days off, we’d set out to uncover the island’s hidden treasures, often steering clear of the typical tourist haunts. Our adventures led us to secluded sandy coves, enchanting corners of Palma, and rustic mountain villages.

I cherish these moments of immersing myself in the local culture, the poetry of Spanish rolling off my tongue, getting to know the Mallorcan cuisine, and building meaningful connections with the warm-hearted locals.

A twist of fate brought me back to the UK,

where I found myself in the role of a Project Manager with a six-figure income,

and in charge of multi-million-pound budgets and deadlines.

where I became a Project Manager.

It seemed like the pinnacle of success, but beneath the surface, a restlessness simmered.

The long hours, the unrelenting pressure, the unfulfilled desires—all cast shadows over my path.

I craved more time and freedom

and to give a voice to the creative,

entrepreneurial soul in me

that was crying out to be heard.

I started searching, but my fear of making the wrong decision led to the best example of procrastination you’ve ever seen. I worked even longer hours, which stifled the creative voice within me and gave me all the excuses to delay, delay, delay chasing my dreams

After years of going round in circles, I reached the point of enough – and hired a coach.

Through our transformational work together, I uncovered hidden chapters of my life, illuminating dreams I had shelved for far too long. And that’s when everything started to change. 

Before I knew it, I had a Distinction in Creative Writing from the Open University, and taken up acting and singing again (hello, bohemian soul!).

The incredible experience working with my coach – and an epiphany at her yoga retreat in Ibiza – inspired me to retrain as a coach myself!

I then wound down my work as a Project Manager, and launched two thriving businesses within 18 months – an Etsy business and coaching company.

Creative Writing



Flamenco Singing

The spark of my true nature ignited a journey that prompted me to explore even deeper.

Regardless of which path you’re on, my aim is to empower you on your journey:

As a serial entrepreneur, who left the world of suits and stress behind her (thank goodness), coaching became a natural path for me.

For the past several years, I’ve had the privilege of working with free-thinking, creative souls, like myself, who have sought my guidance not only in crafting captivating offers and messaging but also in establishing themselves as writers.

Today, I leverage my wisdom to empower women to reimagine and redefine their identities – so they can grow into their true potential.

Why do I do this? Because I’ve witnessed far too many remarkable women withhold their unique magic from the world. Some struggle to articulate or express it confidently, while others find themselves plateauing after achieving a certain level of success.

I believe that the business and lifestyle of your dreams are within reach when you break free from the copy-cat culture, unearth your authentic essence, and express it in a way that’s unmistakably YOU.

as an entrepreneur

to carve a path to success by differentiating yourself, craft captivating offers, and fine-tune your messaging to resonate authentically with your audience.

as an aspiring writer

to step into the writer’s life, nurture your craft for storytelling, and establish a consistent writing practice.

One of the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of my work is helping a woman get to her next level, by expressing a new, and truer version of herself and to the world.


To get to this point myself, I had to go on a journey of self discovery to unearth the magic within me.

I had to set off on a creative journey, of reimagining, rediscovering, and reinventing myself as a creative entrepreneur and a writer. Through this journey, I set my true essence free—an experience I want to share with passionate, like-minded individuals like you.

You can get to this point, too.

and I’m here to be your guide on this transformative journey.

By the way, if you’re seeking permission to start

 consider it granted.