How to Uncover Your Future Brand

May 28, 2021 | Blog

I remember the feeling, waking up each day, knowing something was off.

I couldn’t grasp what it was exactly, but I knew that what I had created in my business did not entirely reflect “me”.

I didn’t feel the joy I used to feel every day – that eagerness to get to work on my business.

Something felt missing.

The fact is, I had been striving so hard to make my business a success that I had lost my way.

Resulting in:

  • Too many late nights spent tinkering with “stuff”
  • Being easily distracted
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of time for my other passion projects
  • Confusion around my message + offerings


We’ve all been there. Once or twice, at least.

And then it hit me.

I had to rediscover my north star again.

I had to decide and discard what no longer served me.

I had to stop resisting what had been calling to me all along and truly listen.

And most of all, I had to allow myself to “experiment”.

Initially, it felt scary because it meant lots of undoing, and letting go.

And it also required self-reflection and much-needed space for it all to evolve.

Before long, I had moved into hyper-creativity, collaborations, and fun!

It was liberating and vital.

Freedom, self-expression, creativity, authenticity, and experimentation are at the core of what I do now AND how I choose to help others.

If you have been going through a similar shift toward your truth, calling, or next level, it’s time to take serious stock of where you are; it’s time to look at your actions, decisions and opportunities through a loving, strategic lens.

At the heart of repeating the same actions, beliefs, and behaviours, is usually a simple mindset shift that needs to happen, leading to tremendous change.

Major shifts happen when you do the inner work.


Business is so much more than funnels,  strategy, and the nuts and bolts of a profit and loss sheet.

And your brand is so much more than a pretty website, logo, and clever tagline.

When you create your business and brand from your true purpose – with a north star to guide you – that’s when you start to see real traction, and the inner work is the key to move the needle.

When you thoroughly listen to yourself and get behind what you are, who you are, and what your genius truly is, you can create a business and brand you love.

When you have done the work, you can dare to take chances because they feel aligned.

In those leaps, you find the giant gems.

When you get stuck, you lose sight of your power, energy, truth and purpose.

(Hands up, who has been there?)


Pure passion, pure love and creativity is an excellent recipe for your business and brand.

These are assets of an incredible entrepreneurial mindset.

Set yourself free; allow yourself to go into a state where you take time to listen, to explore your inner self and take more risks.

When you do this, you feel more intrigue about everything you do, and you see possibilities rather than fear.

Know that your mindset is key to all the magic you create and all the energy that transpires around you.

And the mindset shift itself – contains the missing ingredients for your future brand success.

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