Entrepreneur Spotlight: Triinu Holman

Jul 4, 2019 | Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight focuses on amazing ladies who are rocking their online businesses.

This week we have the lovely, Triinu, owner of Creative Puddles jewellery design, and runs a blog helping women to grow their product-based businesses.

Hi Triinu, What’s your business name and what’s your business all about?

I own Creative Puddles, which is a creative jewellery business. I sell online, at events, and through my Brand Ambassador/ Promoter program. My main collection is a very modern take on the traditional charm bracelet – charms that simply snap on and off like a popper, meaning you can easily change the look of your bracelet to match your outfit.

I also run a small business blog, teaching female product-based business owners how to grow their small businesses.

What was your “Big Why” that drove you to start your business?

Having a baby! I didn’t want to be away from my baby but I also wanted to continue to work, so setting up my own business was the perfect solution. My children are now a lot older and I’m so pleased that I’ve always been there at school pick up, sports days, nativities etc. And even now I can still be there for them to support them through their tween/teen years.

What lights you up about your business? 

I particularly love being out and about meeting all my customers, chatting and getting feedback. I also love running my Brand Ambassador and Brand Promoter program. People tend to join the program so they can have total flexibility over their working hours. It’s great to be able to support this and to witness people thrive and grow in confidence.

What do you get to do in your business that was not possible in your 9-5? 

It’s been a long time since I had a 9-5 but I appreciate the flexibility I have. I have been able to grow my business at a rate to suit me. When the children were young this was very much a hobby business to earn some extra cash and keep my brain ticking but now they are older I’ve upped my game and have taken my business to the next level.

What daily habits do you without fail, that make a positive impact on your business day?

Each morning I write a to do list. I’m careful to make sure that the list is not overwhelming but at the same time is challenging. The first part of the day is usually spent being re-active: answering emails, responding to enquiries and social media posts, etc. I then switch to pro-active mode where I do tasks that will ultimately lead to more sales. A solely re-active day can be a bit dull, you always need some pro-active tasks in your day to help keep your business momentum.

Would you say you’re living the “freedom lifestyle” and how does it look and feel to you?

I am living my version of a freedom lifestyle– I’m my own boss and am able to do the things I love doing on a daily basis!

Where do you see your business in two years’ time?

Growth, visibility, brand awareness and additional income streams are my goals. In addition to selling jewellery I am also growing a small business blog which in two years’ time I would like to see generating income. I love networking and encouraging other female, product-based business owners in their entrepreneurial journeys so I see this as a focus of my future business.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give to a woman who’s considering starting a business, or who’s finding the initial set up of her business longer or a little trickier than expected?

Just one piece of advice?! Well, I’d encourage her to join a networking group. Sounds daunting doesn’t it but I can honestly say that there is nothing more encouraging, supporting and uplifting than being surrounded by women who are all on the same journey. Every time I go to a networking get-together I always come away with an amazing new contact or idea and I feel motivated to keep going.

What’s your favourite motivational phrase/quote/mantra?

“Actually, I can.”

I love this quote so much that I have an “actually, I can” charm in my online shop, that way, every time I look at my wrist I’m reminded that actually, I can do this.

Where can we see more about you and your delightful offerings? 

You can find me over at my online shop and small business blog, Creative Puddles.

I mainly hangout on Instagram

and I can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

It was wonderful hearing about you and your business on the Entrepreneur Spotlight, Triinu. Thank you for sharing with us, and my very best wishes to you for the future, Sharon xox

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