Entrepreneur Spotlight: Tracy Hooper

Jun 5, 2018 | Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight focuses on amazing ladies who are rocking their online businesses.

This week we have the wonderful, personal stylist, Tracy Hooper.

Hi Tracy, What’s your business name and what’s your business all about?

My business name is Tracy Jayne Hooper Personal Stylist. My speciality is helping female entrepreneurs to get the right image to represent their business. I help women show up as the most polished, professional and authentic version of themselves.

Business owners these days need to be visible. Video and Live Video has become a popular way to market yourself online, so it’s important the clothes you wear give the right message to your audience. I’m passionate about giving female entrepreneurs the confidence they need to get out there and be visible.


What was your “Big Why” that drove you to start your business?

My big “Why” is I just love to see women grow in confidence and become all that they can be! I love to see women grow and flourish. Once I gained confidence in my own appearance, that’s when my own business became successful, so that’s why I love to help others do the same.


What lights you up about your business? 

What lights me up about my business is the result of my “Why” I guess. When I’ve worked with somebody and see her grow in confidence and status, as a result, I just love it! Although I love to see other women grow and flourish, it also feels great when I do that myself!


What do you get to do in your business that was not possible in your 9-5? 

This is quite a tricky question for me as I haven’t done a 9-5 for about 25 years! Before I had my business, I was a Beauty Therapist and I was pretty successful, however, I was working about three evenings a week and Saturdays, as well as weekdays. I had little time for the things I wanted to do…even housework! Now I have more time for leisure, and if I want a day to do something, in particular, I can. On the other hand, if I’m working on an exciting project and feel like just getting on with it, I can do that too. So in a nutshell. I guess the answer is I have the freedom to live my life the way I choose.

What daily habits do you without fail, that make a positive impact on your business day?

I’m actually not a great daily habits kind of person. I would love to be, but I’m not that organized or disciplined. The things I like to do on a regular basis, which keep me healthy both in body, mind, and spirit are: exercise to keep my body healthy and mobile and get the old endorphins going. I particularly like the gym and pilates; time for me, which is mainly horse riding. I absolutely love horses and the outdoors, they are both good for my soul. I’m also improving my riding skills, which is an amazing boost as well. Spiritually, I like to spend quiet time with God, either in prayer or bible reading. My goal is to do this daily, but I’m not quite there yet.


Would you say you’re living the “freedom lifestyle” and how does it look and feel to you?

I guess I am living the freedom lifestyle. I get to choose what I do and arrange my own diary. However, I’m a way off where I’d like to be. My dream freedom lifestyle would involve time in the morning to do my morning rituals, and then some exercise before settling down to work for a few hours. In the afternoon I would love to be free to do the things I love to do…time with my horse or family or maybe just relaxation. My big dream is to travel. I’d love to doing all of the above whilst visiting some places in the world I’ve not seen yet. I will get there, but just got a bit of work to do first.


Where do you see your business in two years’ time?

In two years’ time, I’d love to see my business set up with my courses, packages, and membership group all working well. I’ll be doing my ongoing marketing to keep the work coming in and I’ll be delivering my services to my loyal and wonderful clients, but the hard work of writing the programmes/courses and packages will be mainly done. I’ll be blogging regularly and making new connections all the time through my various networking activities, online and offline.


What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give to a woman who’s considering starting a business, or who’s finding the initial set up of her business longer or a little trickier than expected?

I’d say to have realistic expectations about how long it’s going to take, and that it’s going to take some investment of time and money. When I started up I expected I would bring an income in a few months, but that wasn’t my experience. I don’t believe it’s realistic. So if you know it’s going to take time, you can be prepared for it. It’s well worth the investment, but you’ll need another source of income until your business gets going.


What’s your favourite motivational phrase/quote/mantra?

I have two favourite quotes/mantras. One is “I can and I will, watch me.” and the other is “The fortune is in the follow-up.” Following up is not something I’m great at, so it’s up on my wall where I can see it regularly to remind me.


Where can we see more about you and your delightful offerings? 

You can find over on my website, on Facebook, on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Thank you for sharing your business wisdom and vision with us on the Entrepreneur Spotlight, Tracy. Sounds like you have exciting times in front of you. All the very best for the future, Sharon xox

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