Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gabriella Feingold

May 23, 2019 | Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight focuses on amazing ladies who are rocking their online businesses.

This week we have the fabulous coach, Gabriella Feingold, who helps people live an intentional, guilt-free life.

Hi Gabriella, What’s your business name and what’s your business all about?

I created Coaching with Gabriella to help people, who spend most of their time and energy on others, to take better care of themselves.

What was your “Big Why” that drove you to start your business?

I believe in a world where we have permission to pay attention to our own needs, even as we nourish those around us and work to make the world a better place. I want to see a future where the guilt, perfectionism, and urgency, that drive so many of us, fall away so that everyone can figure out what’s important to them and create lifestyles that are more joyful and sustainable. This is the reality I try to embody in my personal life and in my business – it is possible! And I love showing people how they can get there.

What lights you up about your business? 

My clients! I love watching them transform over our time together. Whether it’s through a one-time Breakthrough Session, a workshop, or a longer one-on-one coaching program, I see such powerful moments of change – both in mindset and in action. I know that the programs I offer are a big part of this transformation, but it couldn’t happen without the willingness and curiosity of my clients. 

What do you get to do in your business that was not possible in your 9-5? 

I get to use all of the parts of my brain. I get to use my creative powers to make content, my math brain for the business side of things, and my empathetic and analytical skills in the coaching itself. Being a one-woman show is not always easy, but I love how much it stretches me.

What daily habits do you without fail, that make a positive impact on your business day?

I practice non-judgment with people every day. By giving others the benefit of the doubt (as long as I set the boundaries I need to), I walk through the world with an extra dose of compassion, which translates itself into my approach to myself and my business. Non-judgment of others really helps increase self-compassion too!

Would you say you’re living the “freedom lifestyle” and how does it look and feel to you?

I would say that I am living an intentional lifestyle. I don’t do whatever I want, whenever I want – even the self-employed have to do things we don’t want to do sometimes. But everything I do is done with intentionality. I do my best to run my business and my life in alignment with my values, the life I want to live, and the world I want to see. Last week I wrote in my journal, “The limits I choose, free me.” I believe that to be true, and in that way I am definitely free.

Where do you see your business in two years’ time?

I am so proud of my coaching offerings and in two years’ time, I hope I’m continuing to put them out into the world, facilitating my workshops and webinars to the broader community, and always finding new people to connect with and learn from. I have a vivid dream of developing and running in-person self-care retreats in the coming years, so hopefully that will be in progress as well.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give to a woman who’s considering starting a business, or who’s finding the initial set up of her business longer or a little trickier than expected?

The trifecta of values that I call upon in all times of transition (especially extended ones like building a business) are gratitude, patience, and curiosity.

Gratitude allows me to see what I’ve accomplished, appreciate what’s in my life and the path I am going down. Patience reminds me that there’s enough time to do everything I want to do. Many of us have this ever-present sense of urgency, but the truth is, most of us have a lot of time to live, and create, and build. So let things take time to unfold. And curiosity is the most magical of all. For everything you feel uncertain about – which I’m sure is a lot – see if you can give yourself room to be curious about what will happen. You have the skills to deal with whatever ups and downs come your way. Instead of spending your energy freaking out about what will happen, see the whole thing as one big science experiment. Make hypotheses, note your observations and learnings as you experiment, and always try again.

What’s your favourite motivational phrase/quote/mantra?

The quote that inspired my logo is by Dita Von Teese, known as the queen of the burlesque revival of the 90s. She said, ‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.’

As a recovering perfectionist, this sentiment is so liberating! You truly can’t please everyone. All you can do is be yourself. It’s okay to let go of the pressure.

Where can we see more about you and your delightful offerings? 

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It was wonderful hearing about you and your business on the Entrepreneur Spotlight, Gabriella. Thank you for sharing with us, and my very best wishes to you for the future, Sharon xox

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