I hope you feel more relaxed and a little clearer after completing the actions from day 4.

We’re now going to focus on clearing even more space in your life, and give a little time to your neglected, unexplored, or all-over-the-place dream/s. It’s an enriching and purposeful exercise, designed to give your big dream wings. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!




ACTION STEP ONE: Click the link below and listen to today’s training.

ACTION STEP TWO: Complete the exercises from the audio and write down your big dream. What is your first action step?

ACTION STEP THREE: Head over to Facebook and let us know what big dream do you want to get off the ground? Are you ready? What do you need to help you fulfil this? Is there something blocking you, that you feel you need to address first? Can you take one baby step today towards making this dream a reality?


You’ve reached the end of the eCourse. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the action steps and that you’ve succeeded in completing the course. If you haven’t finished, don’t worry, I shall be sending you an email with the links for each day, so that you have them in one place and complete when you’re ready. For those who did complete the eCourse, congratulations! You’re well on the way towards streamlining and un-jamming your life, having gained some clarity and time to devote to yourself, bringing what’s important to you into the spotlight. Taking that dream (or dreams!) into the main arena, so you can give it the attention it deserves and live the lifestyle you want – in this life…not the next!


With Love,


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