Well done getting all that stuff out of your head yesterday and organised in terms of status and priority – feel lighter? I bet you’re starting to feel the benefits already.

Today we have another powerful exercise which requires you to do a little soul searching, to get to what’s truly important to you, so that you can start to move forwards in a direction which is in harmony with your core values, towards a more fulfilled, purposeful and inspired life.



ACTION STEP ONE: Click the link below and listen to today’s training.

ACTION STEP TWO: Print off the values worksheet below and follow the instructions on there. Make your top value word visible somewhere, on a notice board, in a journal, etc. and throughout the day gather images or personal items to this word – things that represent your top value, and let them begin to inspire and motivate you.


ACTION STEP THREE: Head over to Facebook and declare your top value (or your top five if you wish) and share with us what you’ve created.

I hope you enjoy completing today’s action steps. See you at the day four training tomorrow!

With Love,


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