I hope you enjoyed day 1 of Un-Jam Your Life, that you’ve got your intentions written somewhere you can see them, and that your de-cluttered space helps to focus you this week!

How did you find it? Let us know in the Facebook group (if you haven’t already) – we’d love to hear.

Now it’s time to move onto day 2 which is all about ditching the cr*p and setting priorities, to get some time back for you, and help move you closer to the lifestyle you desire.




ACTION STEP ONE: Click the link below and listen to today’s training.

ACTION STEP TWO: Once you’ve listened to the audio, write down your key toleration and your top three priorities – which are to be completed in the next 24 hours.

ACTION STEP THREE: Head over to Facebook – where we’ll keep you accountable 🙂 and share with us the key thing you’re putting up with and how you’ll resolve, plus your top three priorities and any progress!

I hope you enjoy completing today’s action steps. See you at the day three training tomorrow!


With Love,


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