More stressed than you’ve ever been.

Desperate for sleep.

Desperate for answers.

Desperate for help.

When you’re doing ALL THE THINGS but getting nowhere or nowhere fast – except stuck in your own head with Negative Nancy for company – and the last party you threw was a pity party for one, something’s not right.



Email marketing.

FB ads.


Time management.

Balancing life with business.


It’s relentless.

Just like the pressure you’re putting on yourself to know it all. The work/life balance you dreamed this entrepreneurial venture would give you is a distant memory and instead of feeling like you’ve ‘found your purpose’, you feel like you’ve lost it all over again.

You started your business to have more freedom, not less of it (or none at all).

To take the mornings slowly and sip your coffee with a smile, not inhale it like a mad woman.

To sit at your laptop and feel confident that you’re moving in the right direction, not looking around at other business owners and wondering why they’re all doing better than you and maybe you should just pack this whole thing in.

To look at your calendar and feel in control of the tasks you need to get through, not immediately overwhelmed because you’ve bitten off way more than you can chew and it doesn’t taste good. So you move items from your to-do list to the next day, then the next day, and inevitably, the things which are going to drive your business forward don’t get done.


Suddenly, a year has gone by and you didn’t achieve at least 75% of what you wanted to and you’ve still neglected self-care, family, personal projects, and time to just switch off.


None of this makes you a failure. Or unsuccessful. Or hopeless. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you’re not cut out for running a thriving business.

You are.

You just need a reset.

Because there are enough hours in the day to run a profitable business AND take time away from it to do those things you love.

It all starts with getting your head in the right place.

When you do that, here’s what happens:

Those little voices that tell you starting a business was a huge mistake shut the hell up.
You get to meet Confidence, who’s been hiding in the back of your brain for quite a while now.
You wake up buzzing to get stuck into your day. No more hiding under the covers wondering if you got any sleep at all.
You use your limited energy on things worth worrying about. Like organising your next family day out.
Your anxiety melts like snow. Because both are temporary.
You stop comparing yourself to where others are and focus on where your own strengths can take you.
Your days start with a clear and calm head. And coffee, obviously.
You feel in control of what’s on your to-do list, because it’s realistic now.
You quit procrastinating because taking action feels so much better.
You have the self-belief to make that pitch, take that call, or reach out to that influencer.

All of the above is 100% possible with the help of…

An 8-week private 1:1 coaching program that will walk you through,

step-by-step, how to tune your mind for one thing only.



Turn your mind into your biggest asset,


banish “I’ll do it tomorrow” and “I’m not good enough,” and rework your business so that it attracts ideal clients and customers, makes money, and includes space for YOU time.

It’s perfect if you’re a coach or have had an online business for 1-2 years.

Welcome Pack

With a couple of expectation exercises to do as soon as you join, so you can start having aha moments before the program even officially starts.

Private Coaching

A 90-min deep dive session + 7 x 45-min private coaching Zoom calls with me. This means you’ll have me monitoring your specific progress, highlighting the areas that need the most focus, and keeping you accountable the whole way through.



Practical workbooks that you can fill out as you work through the program and use to keep track of progress and implement what you’ve learnt.

Action Plan

A 90-day action plan to master your mindset, organise your goals (and each tiny step you need to take to reach them) and keep you accountable.


Program worksheets, bonuses (I love to surprise you from time to time) and even guided meditations to help you de-stress and stay focused.

Email Support

Office hours email access to me between each call, so you can ask the questions that pop up along the way and get the answers within [24] hours.

Let’s dig into the program breakdown.


Cultivate your Entrepreneur Mindset

This is where we rebuild your mindset foundations

Explore the inner gremlins and negative thoughts currently stopping you from taking the right action

Reframe your thoughts into confident and positive ones that support your growth

Strengthen your relationships with money and success

Learn how to solve problems and make decisions with clarity and confidence


Reconnect to your Business Mission & Vision

This is where we strip everything back and work through why you started your business in the first place
What does your ideal life look like and how can your business support it?
Determine the offerings your ideal clients and customers are desperate for
Build a step-by-step plan for how to create and market your offerings, without compromising the freedom you want


Productivity & Progress

Hone your strengths and how to use them more
Create daily rituals to support you getting your time back
Show up with presence online
Attract ideal clients and customers in a way that feels good
Banish procrastinating tendencies for good
Open your business up to opportunities based on who you already are (not who you think you should be)


Balance + Flow

Create a productive schedule that fits with both your business goals and freedom goals
Release any doubts still hanging around that could drag your business back to Land of the Stressed
Learn how to be more mindful in your life and business, so that when imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis or WTFs rear their ugly heads, you can deal with them like a boss

After just eight weeks you’ll go from anxiously asking yourself,


“was starting my own business a big mistake?” to knowing 100% that it wasn’t.

You’ll be making more progress in a week than you were in a month,

and in a way that allows you to have a business AND a life, instead of one or the other.

 Mind-fog: cleared.

Momentum: constant.



All you need to do is pick the option which suits you best.

After you choose your option, you’ll get whisked off your virtual feet and taken to my Paypal page. As soon as your payment has been made, you’ll get a welcome email with all the details about what to expect and when to expect it. And in just a few weeks you’ll be primed for world domination. Or at least life and business domination.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not clear on my business idea yet. Is this still a good program for me?

Yes, the main goal of this program is to gain clarity, whether you have zero ideas or far too many. Not only will you have clarity, you’ll also have a strong sense of direction and focus, and a roadmap to get you started.

I've already left my job and started my business. Can I still benefit from this program?

Certainly, this program will help you to get clear on your goals, help you to focus, strengthen your mindset and strategy, and provide you with a firm foundation to move your business forwards.

Have Another Question?

Feel free to drop me a line anytime.
Happy clients.

“She has a knack of turning negativity into positivity, steering you back on the path you deserve and belong. 

I am so glad I found Sharon! As my lifestyle and business coach, she has taught me so much about myself and boosted my confidence when I needed it the most.

Thanks to her I put myself out there and am taking the risks and steps I need to progress my business. Credit to Sharon for helping me get my first wedding blog feature on Mrs P&P, and getting me into the swing of things again when my self-esteem and motivation was low. She’s like the best friend you never knew you had; with the professional knowledge you need! Thank you for believing in me and I hope I can continue to work with you to grow 🙂. Highly recommended, especially if you feel stuck like I did! Sharon has really helped me visualise the future of my business again; setting me realistic business goals to follow. I now feel braver and better equipped to move forward.”

Keenda Sisouphanh

Events By Keenda

, an”Sharon has been helping me to get more of my business online. I feel much more confident and I really don’t know what I’d do without her!

I have often felt overwhelmed with the ‘tech’ side of my business and the different ways I can market by business and attract more customers. 

Sharon’s calming manner helped me to put things into perspective and guide me in the right direction. I always came away from my sessions feeling positive, with a plan, and tasks to achieve before our next session.

Sharon held me accountable to ensure I constantly worked towards, and achieved my goals, through setting small and achievable goals along the way.

I know Sharon has my best interests at heart and is there to help me along the way and teach me how to get the very best out of my business. Thank you Sharon for all of your help!

Teresa Malins

She Shines Pilates

I truly believe Sharon was meant to be in my life.I highly recommend you experience Sharon’s coaching to see how your own mind can be unleashed.

I signed up for coaching with Sharon, at a time when I felt stuck. With her background in Creative Writing, she understood my dilemmas. With her encouragement and guidance, I found new ways of thinking and new ideas of how I could work, to break the patterns which had been producing the same results. She helped me reset my mindset to reach higher. Sharon’s coaching is perfect for anyone at the point of combustion. I’ve completely changed the way I work and know I’m on my way now to bigger and better things.”

Andrea Long


I cannot praise Sharon’s business mentoring programme enough. 

Sharon is very knowledgeable and patient. After just one month of consultations, I can already see the benefits!”

“Sharon’s approach is empowering.

She understood and cared about where I was struggling. I can’t thank Sharon enough for helping me get unstuck and out of overwhelm. I will definitely work with Sharon again and recommend her to anyone feeling like they are always running but going nowhere. She knew exactly how to get me out of my rut!”

Samantha Duncan

WordPress For Coaches

“Now I’m so much happier!

Revisiting my business goals with Sharon, revealed that my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be, a scary realisation at the time but it enabled me to make the necessary changes.

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