It sounds like the dream.

Choosing your own hours.

Doing work that makes you feel like a human and not a zombie.

Designing a life that’s full of joy instead of spreadsheets.

After all, you’re not meant for a life of mediocrity. There’s a little voice deep inside you, whispering you’re meant for bigger things. Better things. More pinch-me-my-life-is-so-amazing things.

The problem is, the dream feels impossible to catch.

You’re smart.

You know that building a business isn’t a piece of cake. (Especially not even a chocolate one.)

It takes planning, commitment, and a hearty dose of courage.

It takes focus. It takes a leap of faith.

And right now you’re well and truly stuck in your comfort zone (even though it’s far from comfortable).

But worse, you’re stuck in your own head.

Case in point:

  • You’re desperate to escape your soul-sucking job and build a business that gives you a real purpose, but instead of figuring out how, you’re loading your plate with more and more work responsibilities – conveniently leaving NO TIME to figure out how to escape them. Hello subconscious procrastination.
  • Every time you have another 10pm finish, or your boss is an a-hole, or you miss out on time with your family, and you promise yourself that you’ll make a change, the negative voices in your head chime in with you can’t, you’ll fail, and you’ll end up on the streets without your corporate income. Thanks for the support, brain.
  • Despite being sick of constant reorganisations at work and losing sleep over the possibilities of redundancy, you still can’t believe in yourself enough to leave the salaried life for one that’s limitless. Even though you got to where you are thanks to some serious skills. Skills that could be better utilised elsewhere.
  • Even when you do spare yourself a few minutes to dream about taking the leap, you can’t decide which of your 101 ideas would be best. So 101 ideas quickly turns into 101 doubts. Which quickly turns into answering work emails, doing the washing up, or collapsing into a bath and crying into a glass bottle of wine.

The (sad but true) fact is, your dreams aren’t running away from you. You’re running away from them. Because you’re scared – and that’s perfectly normal. But if you’re going to get your freedom (and a chunk of your sanity) back, you need to make a change.

The thing is, to make a change you have to make a choice.

To stop struggling. To find freedom. To put yourself first.

So, do you choose you?

Say Yes.


Because choosing you can have some pretty desirable side-effects. (Unlike the hangover you suffer from after crying into bottles of wine.)

For example:

Those pesky doubts that currently fill your head are, at best, evaporated and, at worst, managed.
I can’t” becomes “hell yes I can” and “I’m going to fail” becomes “I’ve got this”.
You quit taking on more responsibilities that you can’t handle and build an action plan.
The procrastination that’s been following you around like a lost dog is rehomed, giving you space and time to plan the life and business you want to create and then actually implement it.
The stress and anxiety that added itself to your corporate job description get banished and you remember what freedom – and breathing – feels like. (It feels great, by the way.)
Instead of dreading your morning alarm and the mammoth to-do list which follows, you wake up with energy and positivity and a plan that 1) grows your business 2) makes you money and 3) leaves time for self-care and passions.

Which is the dream.

Now the only question is, how do you go from burnt out and confused to fired up on all cylinders and headed in one clear direction?

Answer …

A 6-week 1:1 private program that will walk you


through how to conquer your fears of not feeling ready,

escape your corporate hell-hole and start a profitable business 

that gives you the freedom to actually have that thing people call a life.
It’s perfect for you if you’re an aspiring coach or online business owner currently stuck in the 9-5.
(Ha, more like the 8-8.)

Here’s how we’ll form your escape plan and kickstart your biz.


Dream Catch & Take Action

Prepare your personal space and set your intentions for the program
Identify your core values which form the heart centre of your life and your work
Go dream-digging. What does your ideal life look like? And, more importantly, what needs to change in order to make it happen?
Learn about how to take “inspired action” and connect with your innermost desires through journalling and vision boarding
Get clear on your big WHY, and how it determines your actions and decisions, motivation levels and potential for success


Clarify Your Biz Idea

Narrow down your 101 ideas to just one. The one.
Establish your business vision and who you want to serve
Identify your skills, experience, passions, gifts, skills, and what sets you apart and makes you unique
Identify your niche, and choose the research strategies you’ll use to determine the biggest needs of your niche
Craft your mission statement, to reflect you, your niche, the ethics and culture of you biz, and the transformation you provide.


Validate Your Biz Idea

Using your chosen research strategies, you’ll dig deep on your business idea and your target market, to ensure you have a viable idea
Define your business goals, for setting up the key features of your business


Implementation Week

There are no new resources this week. The implementation week is for you to implement what you’ve learned/discovered so far


Build Strong Foundations

Identify and ditch what you’ve been putting up with and no longer serves you, and prioritise what matters
Get up close and personal with all those fears and doubts that have been holding you back for… forever?
Develop an entrepreneurial mindset that’s wired for taking chances, seeking opportunities… and kick negative self-talk, habitual behaviours and procrastination into the abyss
Create your own powerful affirmations, which inspire positivity and encourage momentum
Identify and incorporate daily habits into your life and biz, which are fundamental to your success + wellbeing
We’ll figure out how to best manage your workload so it doesn’t feel like a ‘load’ at all, and check in on your daily habits and routines so your business moves forward every single day, even if you’re initially running your biz alongside your day job
Tools & Resources to maximise your productivity and give you more time back for family, passion projects, or your latest Netflix addiction


One Month Biz-Starter Roadmap

This is where we start the BIG planning. We’ll create a 30-day roadmap for taking your first action steps, in a way that feels good and minimises stress (you’ve had enough of that in your life).
You’ll work through how much money you want to bring in, how much you’ll charge, and spend each month, including any investments you might need to make
We’ll determine your strategic approach to starting your business, such as keeping your job going to support you whilst you set up, and when the right time might be for you to take the leap

What’s Included?


Simple/bite-sized trainings and worksheets for you to complete and use to keep track of progress and implement what you’ve learnt.

Email & Voxer Support

Office hours email access + Voxer access to me between each call, so you can update me or ask me any questions that pop up along the way – and get the answers within [48] hours.

Private 1:1 Coaching

1 x 60 minute + 4 x 30-min minute private coaching Zoom calls over the six weeks, for accountability & support. I’ll monitor your progress, help you prioritise and stay focused, and keep you accountable throughout.

Personalized Roadmap

personalised 30-day Roadmap to kickstart your business set-up, organise your goals (and each tiny step you need to take to reach them), to keep you motivated and accountable to your business idea.

Strategy Session

A 1-hour strategy session to discuss your online presence, setting up your website, Facebook page or group, and mailing list. Already have these in place? I’ll review them and give suggestions for improvement.

You also get these fabulous BONUSES!

Relaxation Visualisation

A BONUS audio to help with overwhelm and stress, relax your mind and body and prepare you for inspired action

($9 VALUE)

Branding & Marketing 

A BONUS Power Hour with Anna North-Row to identify your online biz marketing and branding essentials, and perfectly align your business vision and core values.

($199 VALUE)

Feminine & Floral Stock Photos 

A BONUS set of 9 stock photos created by Anna North-Row to help you (visually) communicate with your target audience. Use them across your social media profiles for a feminine touch.

($27 VALUE)

Lydia Newell

Lydia Newell

Lydia Career Planner

From overwhelmed to focused and taking action!

It’s great for sorting the foundations of your business before launching. It will make everything else run much smoother.

I loved the workbooks and how in depth they went.

Sharon’s really knowledgable and generous with what she knows, helping you go further with your business than you might on your own.

It provided what Sharon promised, and more in terms of additional support. Thanks for your amazing program!

Nevena Zhurkova

Nevena Zhurkova

Nevena Nail Artistry & Education

I know exactly who I want to serve, why and how!

I’d been struggling to schedule and focus on my business, working on too many things and hardly making progress.This program taught me that it’s more important to get it done, even if it’s not perfect.

My favourite part was the 1:1s – I got so much more than I expected.

A great program to start mapping out your online business! Thank you for your guidance Sharon, it was a great program.

Sarah Lyman

Sarah Lyman


Perfect for launching your online biz in 1-3 months.

From lost, overwhelmed and distracted, to having the clarity and focus to get my coaching business off the ground. The 1:1s helped me make even faster progress.

I’ve created a roadmap to launch my online coaching business, which is SO reassuring.

Your enthusiasm and encouragement of all the participants was inspiring! Thank you, Sharon, for always being on hand and creating such a supportive environment.

After just six weeks you’ll go from wondering,

When is my life going to change?

to days bursting with inspiration and productivity that are a thousand steps closer to the life you crave, instead of the one you’ve been settling for.

 Self-saboteur: banished.

Focus: high.


~ GO ~

All you need to do is pick the option which suits you best.

You can sign up for KICKSTART YOUR ONLINE BIZ today by paying £500 in full OR 2 x monthly payments of £250

What to Expect

After you choose your option, you’ll get whisked off your virtual feet and taken to my Paypal page. Once your payment has been made, you’ll get emailed a Welcome packet with Orientation work, your private member’s login details for you to access the program resources, and a link to book your private 1:1 sessions.

And in just a few weeks you’ll be primed for world domination. Or at least life and business domination.


Over the 6 weeks, your program resources will be made accessible weekly within a private members platform. During the implementation week there won’t be any materials delivered – this is just time for you to put into implement what you’ve learned/discovered so far.

Our weekly 1:1 CALLS will deepen your private work. You’ll be asked to submit your progress ahead of our calls.

I shall provide detailed feedback to any questions/homework in a private Google/Dropbox folder.

Why should you trust me to help you?

Hi, I’m Sharon,

Lifestyle & Business Coach.

I help women dream bigger, swap draining and unfulfilling corporate jobs for a freedom-based business, and build successful online empires that reflect their own philosophies.


My approach is where “flow” meets strategy.

With a background in managing large projects in the Corporate sector, I am also intuitive, creative, and goal-driven. I am a planning geek who LOVES helping women to explore their own brilliance and passions, by tapping into their innate wisdom, and building a powerful vision for the future together.

I know first hand how the corporate career path consumes you. Before you know it, you’re working too many hours, striving for the next promotion or pay rise, how resentment sets in, the daydreams at the desk about living a freedom lifestyle, working on your own terms, feeling aligned to your sense of purpose in the world. 

Are you ready to claim your freedom lifestyle and kickstart your online biz?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not clear on my business idea yet. Is this still a good program for me?

Yes and No. Whilst it’s fine to not have absolute certainty about what your ideal business should be, it’s not a great fit for you if you haven’t got any idea whatsoever. Ideally, you’ll come to the program with a specific business idea or various ideas that you want to validate through the program. The program is suited to women wanting to set up a coaching or service-based business, so if you know that that is definitely what you want to do, and need help working out the finer details of a basic idea, then this program is totally for you!

I've already left my job and started my business. Can I still benefit from this program?
Certainly, this program will help you to get clear on your goals, help you to focus, strengthen your mindset and strategy, and provide you with a firm foundation to move your business forwards.
How many hours will I need to invest in the program each week?

Kickstart Your Online Biz is designed to be completed over five weeks.

Once you enroll, you’ll receive an orientation packet. Then, as soon as the program starts, you’ll get access to the introductory materials in the first module, so you can dive straight in. The program materials will be drip-fed to your email each week.

Be ready to invest about 3-5 hours each week (depending on your personal implementation requirements). The program won’t be effective if you don’t show up and consistently do the work required each week.

If you’re totally committed to doing the work outlined in the program, you will powerfully transform the beliefs holding you back and create a roadmap to get you to where you want to go.

My 1:1s with Sharon were the icing on the cake! Sharon is an amazing business coach. Her beautiful energy is tranquil and inspiring.

It was so much more than what I thought it would be.  Sharon understood who I was and asked the right questions to bring out the best of my dreams.

I thought it would be all about facts and figures, but it was more about me as a person, as a solopreneur, as a creative individual who has struggled to understand how to create an online business. It was the cement I needed to attach all the odds and ends of information I’d gathered for three years.

I learned how to host a 20-day challenge aimed at my ideal clients, which then inspired me to outline a future workshop/online course.

I’ve invested my time, energy and money in other courses/programs which resulted in nothing more than confusion and uncertainty. I’ve thought long and hard about what was missing from the others and have concluded that it was integrity, purpose and a great desire to serve others in the capacity of a coach who had nothing to fear. Sharon’s sincere desire to produce a program that adds value is her stamp of authenticity.

Do you want to kick start your business? Just do it – hire Sharon and see yourself bloom along with your vision!

Karen Hanlon

Newfound Soul Art

Anna North-Row

North Row Consultancy

Working with Sharon is inspiring, motivating and life changing.

I dreamed of pursuing my second business, but felt overwhelmed and stressed about making it happen. The program helped me work towards my goals and dream big. I now feel more enthusiastic, powerful, well organised and structured, super-focused, motivated, energised, and on the top of the things!

This program was one of the best I’ve ever taken on the subject due to the amazing value and Sharon’s high level of expertise and support. 

Thank you so much Sharon for this amazing experience. For your warmth and calm nature, professionalism, knowledge and understanding, and for your guidance, support and great ideas that helped me not only to move forward with my new business, but also to shape my current one. I didn’t expect to be so understood and guided through my business idea.

If you’re seriously thinking about investing in this program, please don’t hesitate to take it! it’s packed with value and practical tips on how to create a biz of your dreams.

I gained more confidence, found my niche & redesigned my website. I took lots of actions that I knew I needed to do, but kept putting off!

I loved that Sharon personally involved herself in supporting and mentoring throughout the programme, and gave both honest and helpful feedback.

This program is great for helping you get your business off the ground, for creating tangible actions and keeping yourself accountable. I’ve ended up with a brilliant toolbox of self-help which I can continue to refer to as needed.

The 1:1s were incredibly useful and the private FB Group was really supportive. I thought the amount of support, both directly and through the worksheets was extraordinary and a lot more than I was expecting. Great program by a lovely lady 🙂

Jacky Hodges

Virtually Bristolian

Glennen Greer


Sharon has the ability to help you focus and clarify what you want and why. She is gifted beyond belief in helping you plan your path and take action.

Before I started the program I was completely lost and confused. The program helped me clarify and narrow down what I was interested in moving forward with. It also helped me to take my first action steps.

The program was much more than I expected. It provided clarity, an action plan, and accountability. The 1:1s were incredibly focusing and clarifying.

Sharon helps you to dig deep into your desires and provides you with a framework to design a plan to fulfill your desires. It helps you push through your blocks and gets you going in the right direction, with a meaningful plan of action!

I created a group challenge. I didn’t even know that was possible!

Sharon is positive, friendly and encouraging, and delivers the materials in manageable chunks to support and nurture your success.

My favourite parts were the step-by-steps and the 1:1 calls – I loved the additional inspired action steps I had after the calls. 

I had no idea what to expect from the program. I felt that I received a terrific amount of support & encouragement.

Sharon has a warm and encouraging personality.

I now feel I’m capable of doing so more business-wise than before.

Lynne Durham

Lynne Life

Jessica Crooks

Next Index

I’ve defined my niche, crafted my mission statement & started to charge my worth!

This program is not just another program, it’s the program to build and grow your business. Sharon really helps you to find your path and niche and works with you to determine your strengths.

The 1:1s were the icing on the cake.

If you work through what Sharon offers, you’ll be on your way to success. I wished I had taken this course years ago. My business would be well established now and I’d be living the life I want – with the financial freedom and ability to set hours that allow me to spend more time with family.

The program helped me to refocus – put aside negative self-talk and start taking regular action to get things moving. Best of all I completed the 1st module of my course.

Initially, I was feeling pretty frazzled, overwhelmed & disillusioned. I had a pretty exciting idea for an online business but the sheer volume of things I needed to do to make it happen felt intimidating, especially doing all by myself.

My favourite aspects of the program were the creative activities, such as a vision board and affirmations. These helped to reset my mindset and get my creativity flowing again. I got clarity on my direction and tapped back into my why. While also providing support and actionable steps to get you well on your way to a new start or restart. 

Sharon helps her clients feel that no matter where they are at, its OK. The program is more holistic than formulaic, and her presentation feels natural & authentic. She makes you feel anything is possible. She meets you wherever you are currently at and expertly guides you towards key action taking you to the next stage of your journey, at your pace, with unwavering support & understanding.

Caroline Oxford

Money Mindful Kids

Chloe Lloyd

Purity Digital

I now have a clearer idea of the market I want to serve. I’ve got a website and business name, and started to get leads!

Before starting the program it felt hard to start my business, to actually come up with a name, focus on a specific niche and to start a website. Even though I had an idea, I felt stuck and it felt hard to start.

My favourite part of the program were the 1-1s, because I received such great advice and actionable steps which brought me closer to my goals. 

This was the first program I had taken, and didn’t expect that the small, reflective steps, that Sharon suggested, such as writing a journal, could have such a positive effect. Working on your fears and pre-conceived beliefs around starting your business helps you to get the mental clarity to move forward.

The difference Sharon has made to me and my fledgling business is immeasurable.

I’d recommend Sharon to anyone seeking business guidance or clarity. 

With Sharon’s help, I’ve made more progress in the last few weeks than I’d managed in the previous year!

Sharon helped me to progress further and more quickly than I had imagined! I’m extremely grateful for her insight, guidance and patience.

Helen Cooper

Zen Kids Meditation

Sharon has been a real positive step towards building my dream business.

I’m so grateful to have found Sharon! She kept me motivated and accountable and helped me work through my challenges and blocks.

I’ve accomplished more in the past several weeks than I have all year!

Sharon helped me to progress further and more quickly than I had imagined! I’m extremely grateful for her insight, guidance, and patience.

All you need to do is pick the option which suits you best.

You can sign up for KICKSTART YOUR ONLINE BIZ today by paying £500 in full OR 2 x monthly payments of £250

Love, Sharon

P.S. If you’re not quite sure if it’s time to kickstart your online biz, let’s talk about it. Book your totally FREE, 15-minute, no-strings-attached Clarity Call right here and we’ll figure it out together. (I promise I’ll be honest about whether this is the right step for you.)