Learn how to create delicious offers you and your clients love

You know that saying, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one?”

It’s the truth…


If you want a successful business, you can’t be everything, to everyone, all the time.

But right now:

You’ve got tons of offers all over your website (if only people were actually buying them all!)
You’re not really sure who your ideal client is (although you do pretend to know most of the time)
You can’t decide what “niche” you actually fall into (or if you fall into any!)
You don’t have a clue why  anyone should buy from you, over all the other people doing exactly the same thing you do
Your sales aren’t consistent–sure, maybe you’ve ‘launched’ once or twice and made some money, and there are a few times occasionally someone stumbles upon your website and clicks the ‘Buy’ button (but you’re nowhere near where you’d like to be
You don’t even know whether you actually want to offer what you’re offering–or if you just feel like you ‘should’
Worst of all, it feels like everybody else has it figured out.

You see other entrepreneurs offering signature programs and offers, to the tune of $10k, $20k, $100k and more.

They look SO polished, professional and profitable. Not to mention their clients totally rave about them. 

That’s what you really want.

You want an offer you love and your ideal clients can’t get enough of.

An offer you’re passionate about.

An offer you KNOW will sell like McDonald’s hotcakes riiiiight before breakfast cut-off time. 😉

The only problem?  

You don’t have a clue how to do it!

But here’s what I want you to know:

You CAN whip up an offer that’s both irresistible to your clients and infused with your own secret sauce.

It all starts with having a recipe.

Introducing …

a 12-week program that will walk you


through how to create the ideal offerings for your ideal client…

the right way.

It’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall.

What is Business Recipe?

Business Recipe literally walks you through every single step it takes to create your signature offerings and get them in front of the people who need ‘em, crave ‘em, gotta-have-’em.

From getting inside your ideal client’s heads to getting clear on your own passions to getting your offers set up on the web (in record time), Business Recipe is the personalized program you need if you want to whip up delicious offers you love and your ideal clients can’t get enough of.

During Business Recipe, you’ll learn how to:

Clarify your niche, business vision, mission and core message (finally!)

❤ Perform target market research and surveyed your ideal client, so you know their pain points, needs, wants and exactly what they desire– and exactly what you should spend time creating

❤ Find the ‘sweet spot’ where your own passions overlap with your clients desires

❤ Run a paid pilot or paid program from start-to-finish (When you learn how to vet your ideas like this, you’ll never launch to ‘crickets’ again!)

❤ Design and package a signature offer from idea to income –one that you can offer over and over again KNOWING it will actually convert

❤ Create captivating content and a content plan to promote your message and offers

❤ Build a solid business vision and mission statement that anchors your offerings and messaging

And you’ll walk away with (depending on your unique recipe, of course):

❤ Sales page crafted

❤ Mini passive income product crafted

❤ Pilot testing approach

❤ Guided meditations to keep you calm (and sane)

❤ Tried and trusted systems & tools active in your biz

❤ Biz processes set up to help you stay organised

❤ Basic branding elements for website and social media

❤ Social media strategy planned and automated

❤ An effective sales/booking system in place

❤ Email subscription system & integrations

❤ Landing pages for your sales funnel created

❤ Biz strategy and a strong plan of action (This one comes standard with all recipes 😉 )

But no matter what, by the end of Business Recipe, you will most definitely:

❤ Have more passion, excitement and love behind your offers!

❤ Actually want to work on your business again, instead of just feeling confused and overwhelmed

❤ Finally have signature offers that are vetted and tested and hot-and-ready to serve your ideal clients

I’m Ready!

Hey, I’m Sharon,

Lifestyle & Business Coach

I show women biz owners how to create freedom-businesses and offerings that are infused with their own special sauce.

Here’s what I’ve learned:  Most entrepreneurs are great at two things: 1) Coming up with fresh new ideas and 2) Looking around at what everybody else is doing

But that first bit? Doesn’t always mean you’ll hit the mark. A good idea isn’t always a good indicator of how to create a good stream of income.

And that second bit? Well, that’s just a recipe for disaster.

It takes work to create an offer that’s irresistible to both you and your ideal clients. It takes energy and thinking. And while I’ve totally created programs from great ideas I got at 3 a.m., there’s a looooot more that goes into creating a really solid offer.

Here’s the thing: When you’re your own boss, you can whisk up whatever you like, whenever you like. (You really don’t have to offer what everyone else is – I promise!)

But you’ve gotta know what your people want, too.

That’s why I created Business Recipe.

Think about it like this: Most of us wouldn’t go into the kitchen and start throwing random ingredients into our saucepan. But when it comes to online business, that’s what most of us tend to do–especially when we’re creating offers.

We get an inspired idea, whip it up fast (sometimes in just an afternoon) and try to serve it to our people…only to find out they hate our seemingly delicious concoction.

Why does that happen? Because an inspired idea isn’t just guaranteed to work because it “sounds good” in your head.

The good news? There IS a way to make SURE every single offer you bake up in your business kitchen is DELICIOUS and DELECTABLE–for you and your ideal clients.

Business Recipe was designed to give you ALL the ingredients that make up ALL irresistible offers (and highly-successful businesses), so you wind up with offers you actually want to promote–and your people actually want to purchase.

It’s time to stop wasting energy and effort and awesome sauce on offers that don’t actually convert.

It’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall – or at your people. 😉

People Who Love This

Jessica narrowed her niche and started marketing more strategically, which has seen positive results.

If you sign up for Business Recipe, you won’t regret it! This is truly a wonderful program and will get you going in the right direction. I got so much more from the program than I expected. It opened my eyes to where I was going wrong and areas for improvement. Sharon genuinely cared about my success and gave more of her time than I paid for, always ready with helpful feedback. She encouraged and helped me to refine my goals and the steps to build a successful business.

The special way she has of explaining things is a gift.

Jessica Crooks

With Sharon’s help, I’ve managed to improve my list building and automation and, thanks to Sharon’s creative thinking, which I admire, I now have a polished sales page.

The 1:1 consultations were specifically tailored to my business requirements and needs. I recommend the program to any business owner who wants to scale their business.

Sharon is an organized, creative, trustworthy and warm person. Thanks for helping me to shift my entrepreneurial mindset, for your guidance and creative thinking that helped take my business to a higher level. It’s been a pleasure to take part in your program!

Anna North-Row

Business Recipe is definitely for you if:

★ You want (finally) to define your ideal client and core messaging so you can speak right to their hearts

★ You want to stop comparing yourself to others in your niche, and stand out with your own ‘special sauce’ (even if right now you don’t have a clue what that is)

★ You want to stop the overwhelm and fear and “Can I even do this?” feelings and actually create offerings that convert into paying clients

★ You want to feel passionate about your business again!

★ You want to get organised and focused on ALL the right things, instead of procrastinating the heck out of your business, leaving you tired and deflated

★ You want to create a consistent income (or an income, period!), like a proper, savvy, money-manifesting mofo 😉

Business Recipe is definitely not for you if:

★ You’re not going to show up and do the work required

★ You’re a moaner and have a cup-half-empty kinda philosophy

★ You hate tech AND most importantly aren’t willing to learn the basics

Wanna know what we might work on?

Let’s peruse the menu…


Any quality recipe requires a little prep time! First, we’re going to dig into all the ingredients that make up a successful offer–and a successful business.

Ingredient 1: 

A Strong & Resilient Mindset

Clear away mindset blocks so you can set (and actually achieve) your big audacious goals (and make more money!)

Do away with limiting beliefs stopping you from creating killer content that positions you for success

Pinpoint your true business goals and desires– which means no more half-baked ideas (or offers)

Deepen your connection to your own inner wisdom so you stop questioning and second-guessing

Establish a consistent journaling practice you love, that helps you stay positive, plan without pain and create badass content that connects and converts (Journaling is my jam – you’re gonna love this!)

Ingredient 2: 

Your Business Vision & Mission

Strip back to why you started your business in the first place

Turn up the dial on your inherent superpowers–so you can expertly blend them into your offerings (and better serve your ideal client, without giving up all your special sauce)

Clarify your ideal client and niche

Craft your mission statement (you know, the one you wrote but didn’t finish or didn’t even started) so that it perfectly reflects you, your brand values, ethos, ethics, niche, culture of your biz, and the transformation you provide

Deepen your connection to your own inner wisdom so you stop questioning and second-guessing

Ingredient 3: 

Define & Refine Your Niche

Research your target niche and signature offering ideas

Survey your niche and ideal client’s pain points

Gather and interpret your survey response data

Ingredient 4: 

Create a Business Plan

Create a 90-Day plan comprising everything you’re working towards in Business Recipe

Revisit and update your plan as you work through the program, and beyond…

Gather and interpret your survey response data


Next, we’ll move into the really fun part–the ‘make’ phase! Together, we might:

Design Your Offer

Determine your menu of offerings, that your ideal clients are desperate for– and also align with your brand values

Outline and choose the format of your offerings–Should you offer a 1:1 mentorship? A 3-month long group program? A retreat in the Himalayas? I’ll help you figure it out!

Pilot An Offer

Choose a start date and create an application page for the signature offer you wish to pilot during the program

Promote your pilot online and to your list

Choose your successful candidates

Create Your Freebie

Outline and craft the freebie opt-in offer for your signature offer

Create your freebie landing page and email sequence

Write Your Signature Offer Sales Page

Outline and craft the sales page for your signature offer

Create the essential and compelling CTA

Brand Your Offers

Learn branding basics to make sure your new offers are consistent with your overall brand–and your core brand values

Create Content that Connects

Tap into your creativity to create content that connects and feels totally authentic

Learn how to use storytelling to strengthen your messaging

Create a content plan that you can schedule to run on autopilot


Finally, now that you’ve created an offer your peeps are basically guaranteed to love, it’s time to get it out there!

Promote Your Offer

Get your message in front of your market through your content and making real connections to build major buzz around your up-and-coming creations

Work out an authentic ‘light launch’ plan for’ your offer(s), so you can start making sales in a feel-good way

So, what does Business Recipe include?

The Basics

All the basics come as standard in both the group and VIP packages:

Your Business Recipe Booklet

Complete with yummy orientation exercises and a prep workbook, to help me get to know you and your biz, and so you can start having aha moments even before our first session.

Deep-Dive Clarity Session

Two hours for us to get to know each other, and for us to dig deep into your business vision and ideal client. (VALUE: $XXX)

One-on-One Coaching Calls

11 x 45-minute private ZOOM calls to hold you accountable and keep you on track. This means you’ll have me monitoring your progress and plans, and reviewing your outputs (including your offerings & copy).

Practical Resources

Workbooks & worksheets for you to complete as you work through the program and use to keep track of progress and implement what you’ve learnt.

Unlimited Email & Voxer

Ask me questions that pop up along the way via Email or Voxer, and get answers within [24] hours. (VALUE: PRICELESS 😉 )

90-Day Action Plan

Master your mindset, organise your goals (and each step it takes to create or promote your offerings) and keep you accountable.

Tasty Surprises

(I love to surprise you from time to time) and even guided meditations to help you de-stress and stay focused.

And all this lovely extra stuff...

The Bonuses

Brand Masterclass

Anna North-Row, Brand & Marketing Specialist

Create a professional brand identity with this 1-hr visual brand identity call, e-book and audit worksheet to help you to improve your online visibility and make your website and social media presence sparkle! (VALUE: $197)

Map & Go Matrix

Jo Gifford, Brand Specialist

In this killer content kick-starter toolkit you will learn how to dropkick overwhelm and magnetise your clients on auto-pilot.(VALUE: $47)

Sexy Sales Page Starter Kit

Erica Lee Strauss, Copywriter

Write your next sales page without tearing your hair out! This step-by-step template, pre-launch checklist and video training will help you craft your own non-sleazy sales page from top to bottom line. (VALUE: $97)

Consistent Content Hub

Access to the Consistent Content Hub, with monthly themes and tips for creating consistent content. (VALUE: $297)

Mindset Mastery Bootcamp

A 7-Day journaling adventure to gain clarity and focus, and address mindset issues holding you back. (VALUE: $47)

Tasty Surprises

(I love to surprise you from time to time) and even guided meditations to help you de-stress and stay focused.

After just twelve weeks, you’ll go from anxiously asking yourself,

what am I even doing?

to knowing 100% who you’re here to serve-and how-in a way that actually excites you both.

 Idea overload? Gone.

Fear of launching to crickets: Also gone.



Sign up for BUSINESS RECIPE today



What to Expect

After you choose your option, you’ll get whisked off your virtual feet and taken to my Paypal page. As soon as your payment has been made, you’ll receive your welcome packet and orientation work, and your private members’ login details for you to access program resources. You’ll also receive a link to book in your VIP private 1:1 calls. And in just a few weeks you’ll be primed for world domination. Or at least life and business domination.


Before Business Recipe, I was unsure of my Ideal Client, who they were or what I had to offer them. On the program I identified my ideal client and so much more; I learned how important it was for me to connect with my authentic self as I give that to my clients. I created a program called Be True. Be Fearless. Be Visible. which I now run as a low-cost offer. The bonuses are super awesome. Sharon helped me to focus and gain clarity on my business.
Sharon was a huge asset when it came to me learning things I had no idea about such as; Facebook and other platforms. Working with Sharon was a complete package and I gained so much knowledge and confidence.

Karen Hanlon

If you’re on the sidelines, wondering if BUSINESS RECIPE is for you, then consider this…

When you implement what you learn in Business Recipe, in just 3 months you’ll have:

overcome the mindset which has been holding you back from creating offerings you’re capable of and which position you for success

turned up your superpower dial and expertly folded and blended it into your offerings, so you can better serve your ideal client

established a consistent journaling practice you love, that helps you stay positive, plan without pain and create badass content that connects and converts

created a solid business vision and mission statement that anchors your offerings and messaging

performed target market research and surveyed your ideal client, so you know their needs, wants, desires and pain points

crafted a signature offer that’s perfectly aligned between you and your ideal client, and has you showing up in your business 200%

created a pilot/paid offer

finally have the crystal-clear clarity and fierce focus–not to mention incredible offers–to skyrocket your business to the next level


Do I have time for this program?
Yes! While everyone is different, I’ve designed the program so even a full-time business owner can achieve and finish it all within twelve weeks. You’ll need around 3-5 hours a week to go through the resources and worksheets (including time for inner work, our weekly call, and any implementation). You get out of the program what you put in, so it’s worth being mindful of that as we work through the program.

Is this program right for me?
Yes! While everyone is different, I’ve designed the program so even a full-time business owner can achieve and finish it all within twelve weeks. You’ll need around 3-5 hours a week to go through the resources and worksheets (including time for inner work, our weekly call, and any implementation). You get out of the program what you put in, so it’s worth being mindful of that as we work through the program.

How will the program be delivered?
Program resources will be accessible within a private members’ platform. There will be weekly 1:1 calls to answer any questions.  You’ll be asked to submit any questions ahead of the call (which will be recorded for those who can’t attend). I shall provide feedback to any questions/homework in our Facebook group (private Google/Dropbox folder for more detailed feedback available to those on VIP package) The program materials have lifetime access.

Will this program work for me?
First of all: I get it. It can feel very scary to invest money (and time) into something you’re not 100% sure will work. It seems ‘easier’ to resolve to do it yourself. But what I often see is that those who try to bootstrap it all the way even take a long time to get where they want to go – or never get there at all.  One of the best things I’ve done in my business is to invest in business – in coaches and mentors. Each time I needed to step up and be brave, and trust that each investment would change and evolve my business. As my father always quoted: “If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’re getting.” Do you want something new – or do you want to stay the same? As with all programs, there is no magic bullet, so I can’t promise specific results. BUT if you do show up and do the work, I can promise you WILL create signature offerings and content that’s aligned to your niche, and a plan to promote it all which feels authentic to you..

What if I have more questions?
If you have any more questions then the best thing would be for us to jump on a Discovery Call OR send me an email at: sharon@sharonwoodcock.com

What are your qualifications?
Degree in Communication Studies. Diploma in Business Studies. Diploma in Life Coaching & Counseling. Diploma in Mindfulness. Certificate in Journaling Therapy. Currently studying for Hypnotherapy & NLP certifications.

As my business was new, it was terrific to have a step-by-step direction to go and actually DO things. I ran a successful beta course which I thoroughly enjoyed, and now have a permanent course offering!

All the bonuses were exactly that, terrific bonuses – each one took me further along my journey, especially the Content Journaling Bootcamp which had me in massive content creation mode. The goal setting helped to keep me moving forward and keep my momentum going. If you’re wondering whether to take this program, I really recommend it – it’s packed full of information and tools – you’re taken step-by-step and fully supported to create your program or any other offering you wish.

Lynne Durham

Before I started the program, I felt like I was working hard, but not getting very far. On the program, I created a 6-week strategy program which I know I wouldn’t have even attempted if it wasn’t for Business Recipe. I also got super clear about my niche and created a lead-generating freebie for my program. The 1:1s were supercharged and motivating, giving me clear direction on what I needed to do next.
Do this program to help you get really clear about your business, your niche, and the services you want to offer. You will get loads done and lots of fabulous support from Sharon. I thought Business Recipe was a fab program with a great level of support and motivation. There were clear takeaways from the calls and Sharon was always available when I needed something extra.

Jacky Hodges




Here’s what I believe: If you never take the time to figure out how to create offers that both you and your ideal client love, you’ll never really feel like you’ve made it. You can’t promote offers you hate (nor will you want to) and if you create only what you think your ideal client wants, you’re missing out on the very reason you started your own biz in the first place. If you want me to answer questions that aren’t covered on this page, then send an email to me at: sharon [at] sharonwoodcock [dot] com and I’ll get back to you soon.