Writing Roadmap Workshop

The workshop is designed for writers (or aspiring writers) who want to get clarity on their vision, create solid goals to work towards, and a personal writing roadmap to keep them on track.

If you want to start (or finish) writing a book / movie script / poetry or craft captivating blogs or stories for business growth, this workshop is for you!

Ready to turn your writing dreams into reality?

Join our writing roadmap workshop

📅  Fri, 23rd Feb @ 3:00 – 4.15 pm (UK time)

What we will do…

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s awaiting you inside our 75-minute workshop, which will be held inside our gorgeous virtual creative writing room:

Dreamwork: Envision your writing aspirations and set your stage for success.


Muse Activations: Ignite your creative spark and awaken your inner drive.


Goal / Intention Setting:  Set actionable (and a few stretchy) goals and your intentions for the year ahead.


Space + Time Magic:  Design an inspiring writing environment and carve out dedicated time.


Ritual Casting:  Choose personal rituals to fuel your writing practice and enhance your focus.


Roadmap Planning:  Map out every dream, goal, and aspiration you wish to achieve into your roadmap planner.

make time for your dream

Imagine yourself writing your roadmap…

There is a lot of magic inside you

Craft your writing roadmap with us!

We are here to help infuse your unique brilliance into whatever tales you’re spinning—be it for business, poetry, or the captivating world of fiction or screenplays. If you want supportive companions who have navigated diverse writing landscapes, then let us be your guides.

Sharon + Jacky

Are you ready to create your roadmap?


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