Unleash Your Brand Magnificence

For trailblazer creatives, coaches, and course creators.

Thursday, 4h May 2023 (1 pm – 3.30 pm BST)

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and brand clarity.

Explore your creative potential and what makes you unique

Step into a new level of confidence that leaves a lasting impression

Express your true voice that positions you as the go-to expert

Enjoy showing up for your audience, even if you're an introvert

Define + refine your message & offerings so they truly resonate with your audience

Stand out from the crowd.

Join us to discover your magnificence and create a brand value proposition that resonates with your audience, and makes your business stand out from the competition. 



  • access to the live workshop in our private Facebook group
  • pre-workshop training to prepare you for our session
  • workbook and resources
  • hot seat coaching / break out time to answer all your burning questions & deepen our work together

In this workshop, you’ll learn…


YOUR game-changing magnificence that will help you to woo over your audience


Why using GUESSWORK to speak to the needs of your future clients is usually a MISTAKE ...and what to do instead (hello, easy messaging / content / offer creation, and more payment pings)


When it's OK to compare yourself with your competition + how you can use your findings to help you stand out


The one thing you should NEVER do when trying to create offers that SELL consistently ...and the magical solution you can use over and over again!



Before I started the challenge, I was struggling to define my message because my business has evolved and changed over the last couple of years, resulting in a scattergun approach to what I wanted to say and who my actual ideal audience was.

The challenge has helped me focus and have clarity on my message and how I can create interesting content without feeling like I’m constantly saying the same thing, and communicate a clear message of who I am, what I do, and how I can help.



I highly recommend this challenge or the opportunity to work with Sharon and Jacky.

I’ve done challenges before and often the leaders don’t understand the art business and I get left behind, but with Sharon, I was able to really tap into my audience. You get to dig deep and sort through things using the workbooks and live presentations.

I found that this whole experience was phenomenal and has given me the clarity that I needed to keep moving forward.



If you ever have an opportunity to do a challenge with Sharon I highly recommend you take it.

I was unsure if I was able to set up my business and was proved so wrong. I went from being a sceptic with no belief in herself to someone with a dream, who knows where she’s going.

Sharon helps you see your stumbling blocks and helps alleviate any fears that you have with anything that you do for your business.


This free workshop will help you:


Stand out in your niche & increase brand recognition


Connect with your ideal audience on a deeper + aligned + relevant level


Communicate your value proposition + define + refine your messaging + offers

Sharon Woodcock

Hi, I am Sharon!

Business & Brand Messaging Strategist, multi-passionate creative, lover of words and former project manager.


I am committed to helping coaches, creatives, and visionary service providers create impactful brand messaging, and turn their passions and gifts into profits and lifestyles they love.

In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to discover and unlock your irresistible magic – the magnificence that will set you apart from others in your niche. And the good news? You can get it for free!

… and meet your co-host, Jacky!

Systems Strategist, Risk Management Specialist & Organisational Guru.


Jacky helps small businesses identify obstacles in their customer journeys that could prevent ideal clients from becoming customers.

Her main goal is to help businesses maximize their potential by identifying overlooked sales opportunities. A key part of that work is analyzing a business for weaknesses, threats, and risks to improve its competitiveness.

Jacky Hodges

Are you ready to unleash your brand magnificence?


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